More Remus/Sirius, because I am so weak.
Reference used! ^.^

needed to stop bashing at my assignments for a while and loosen up my hand. so just a quick sketch of remus and sirius hangin out with some quick colours slapped on

my hand+wrist+forearm went NOPE so back to the brace we go

First colour palette sketch, probably about half an hour. I had ten requests for Remus, Sirius or a combination of the two. Palette 15 was requested twice, so here we are. :)

padfoot & moony at your service

Imagine Sirius and Remus finally telling James and Peter that they're together
  • James: Oh, we know
  • Sirius: What do you mean you know?
  • Peter: Mate, how could we not know? you bicker like an old married couple.
  • James: The map keep showing you together in broom cupboards
  • Peter: You're probably holding hands under the table right now

Anonymous was like: Hi! I've been looking everywhere for a certain fic and i can't find it so i was hoping you or your followers may be able to help me. It's wolfstar during their hogwarts years and for some reason they're sharing a bed, and sirius has porno mags and "helps" remus get off, then asks remus to help get him off. I can't find this fic anywhere and it's killing me!

This sounds very familiar to me as well, however I’m at a loss for what it would be called or even if it’s the same fic. (Been reading wolfstar smut for over a decade now tbh!) Followers, any help? If you know that website you usually use, always a good idea to filter through what you know. By ship, then rating, or maybe even genre or tags (though last time I checked fanfiction.net still doesn’t have tags the same way AO3 does). Hope you find it!